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    In the event of a claim, the University will need to demonstrate that all relevant H&S Procedures have been adhered to and that RAs are in place.

  • University Insurance

    The University has been a member of the specialist HE and FE insurer UMAL since 1/8/16 - the University's membership number is 175/16.  

    Information, including what to do in an emergency, is contained within the relevant sections below.  If you have any non-emergency queries relating to University Insurance, in the first instance you should contact  

  • Work experience, placements, volunteering & internships

    For insurance purposes, whilst a person is undertaking unpaid work at the University (which could be work experience, placement, volunteering or an unpaid internship):

     (1)       The University must maintain documentary evidence of:

        •       Risk assessments  (see separate information on risk assessments)
        •       Relevant Departmental/School authorisation of the arrangement
        •       induction into H&S, policies, procedures, university protocol, what is expected etc
        •       Acknowledgement of the arrangement by the University and the person engaged
        •       Anything other as required by HR - HR must be made aware of every such arrangement

    Assuming all the above conditions are met,  then ordinarily the University’s public and employers liability insurance will apply while they are on campus, just as it would for a paid employee.  This applies to placements, work experience, volunteers and interns.  The Head of Department/School should be aware of where this evidence is maintained in case it is required at any point in the future for insurance purposes.

     (2)       In addition, For anyone from abroad:

    The University must obtain confirmation from the organisation sending them to us that the sending organisation accepts full liability/has insurance in place for travel from/to the other country and for when the person engaged is off campus during their stay here (this might already be included in the contract we have with the organisation for the individual concerned).

     (3)       In addition, for Glyndŵr University students

    If the student placement is being arranged by the University, the insurance requirements for Student Placements should also be followed.

    (4)       In addition, for students undertaking different work to the normal business activity:

    The University needs to notify the insurers of the activities which students will undertake if those activities are onerous or different from the normal business activities of the employer.  Should this circumstance arise, employers should make sure they obtain written confirmation that the risk has been accepted.

    If you have any queries please contact:

    • University Insurance - Complaints

      University Insurance is arranged through the Finance Department.  If you wish to make a complaint about an insurance related matter, please contact: David Elcock, Director of Finance,

      • Student Contents Insurance

        Glyndwr University's Accommodation team has arranged contents cover for Students staying in the Student Village and Corbishly Hall through Endsleigh.  Once a student has arrived and has been allocated a room, the Accommodation team will contact Endsleigh for the insurance to be set up.

        Details of what is covered, how to make a claim, and how to personalise and extend the cover provided is available at the following link:  The Policy Number is HH1473.  

        Communications should generally be direct with the insurer.  The University contact is Meryl Austin, Reservations and Administration Manager, Tel 01978 293290.

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